AIPPO Daily Skincare Travel Kit by SSAC

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AIPPO Daily Skincare Travel Kit by SSAC

15ml x 4

All Skin Types

Made in Korea

Your Daily Skincare Essentials whether you are at home or away.

Look forward to AIPPO Daily Skincare must-haves with the Daily Boosting Toner, Deep Emulsion, Intensive Serum and Soonsoo Cleansing gel in handy travel sizes.


Set consists of

AIPPO Daily Soonsoo Cleansing Gel formulated with botanical extracts gently cleanses with its PH balanced formula to complement the natural PH of the skin.

Daily Boosting Toner by SSAC with plentiful of botanical extracts and bio-material. It aids to restore the damaged barrier and to retain moisture

Daily Skindeep Emulsion by SSAC with physiologically active moisturizer and emollients derived from botanicals, replenishes moisture and helps promote soft skin

Daily Skindeep Intensive Serum by SSAC helps in the recovery of skin physiology through reducing wrinkles and promoting elasticity and softness.